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Director of the ChemBioCenter, Dr. Sci. Andrey Tolmachev, and the Dean of Chemistry Department of Kyiv University, Dr. Sci. Yulian Volovenko Modern buildings of ChemBioCenter
New laboratory building is under construction Three LS-MS instruments are at the disposal of the scientists
500 MHz NMR spectrometer works round the clock Dr. Sergiy Ryabukhin (in the center) with his PhD students Andriy Plaskon (left) and Vasyl Naumchyk (right)
PhD student Olya Manoylenko develops new chromatographic procedures PhD student Dmytro Granat uses a microwave reactor in his research
Prof., Dr. Sci. Igor Komarov and his PhD student Dmytro Radchenko discuss the details of the experiment in an autoclave Discussion of an X-Ray study (Dr. Anton Tverdokhlibov and Oleksandr Dyachenko
PhD student Dmytro Panov in the lab LC-MS laboratory
The multi-channel preparative chromatograph is in reliable hands Dr. Sergiy Ryabukhin and Dr. Dmytro Kovalskii discuss the results of calculations with Dr. Sci. Oleksandr Shivanyuk
Student Rustam Iminov in the laboratory of synthesis of screening compounds Discussion of a synthetic plan
Dr. Oleksiy Chekotylo and PhD student Andriy Mytyuk The Cafeteria
New modern apartments for young scientists of the ChemBioCenter Former students Volodymyr Yarmolchuk and Nazar Maksimov got new apartments in the apartment house